Cycle 60km + OCRC open 10m TT

AM. Cycle 60km, brisk, HR132(152)

I nipped out the door early, got a couple of hours in around Appleton & Southmoor. The weather was brilliant – clear blue skies and no wind. When I got home I got showered and then we packed the car with signs and supplies for the TT I was organising in the afternoon.

Oxford City RC open 10-mile time trial
After collecting the village hall keys, we set up some tables and chairs and I put out the signing-on sheet and numbers, and went out around the course putting out the warning and direction signs while Jules set up the cakes and so on for the teas. While the racing was actually going on, I didn’t have much to do, just chatted to a few of the riders. Then, I had to tidy up the hall, sweep the floor and we collected up the rubbish and tidied the kitchen. The event seems to have passed off OK. I found out towards the end that one rider had used an illegal (Zipp 1080) front wheel, so that’ll need reporting to the district. We got home just after 6pm, and after uploading the car it was great to sit down with a beer or two.