Swim 3200m + Cycle 66km + spring training plan

AM. Swim 3200m steady

A light dusting of snow overnight didn’t deter me from cycling to the pool for a steady swim, my first for a fortnight following my cold last week. A steady plod, concentrating on long strokes and keeping the length when breathing, a bit of a failure of mine sometimes.

PM. Cycle 66km. Steady. Benson/Thame, HR131(153)

Lap 1: 49.3km/1:46:47 (27.7km/h)

Took the afternoon off for a ride. Bitterly cold NE wind. The overnight snow had largely disappeared, there were just a few slushy puddles around. I couldn’t face more than a couple of hours out in that wind though. Getting very tired of going out into the cold! On the plus side, I didn’t notice the ache in my back until I’d done almost an hour, and even after that I still felt like I could push hard through the pedals with it.

Training cycles
I’m starting to think more about my “season”. I’ve entered a few things and need to plan accordingly. The Milton Keynes half-marathon is a mini-peak, a “B” race, 3 weeks away so it would be good to have the next two weeks as hard/long training (ending with a 200km audax on the 27th February) and then one easy week in the lead up to that. After I’ve recovered from that race I don’t have another “B” race until the Big Cow Duathlon on the 11th April. That leaves me time to do another block of hard training for about 3 weeks, and maybe a little speedwork towards the end of that block too (there could be some “C” races in those weeks), easing off the week before the duathlon. Once I’ve got that far, I’ll be able to see how my form’s coming on and plan the weeks ahead from there.