Erg 12km + blood donation + Fishers

Lunchtime. Erg 12km/46:51 (1:57.1), r23/24, steady. HR147(161)

Steady erg at lunchtime. Back not feeling too bad and I kept the stroke a bit shorter and snappier than I’ve been used to. I called it a day at 12km as my technique was starting to fall apart.

Blood donation
Popped into town to give blood after work ( All went OK, my 22nd donation, creeping up on my 25 award. Although you can give blood three times a year, I only ever do it twice – the third donation would be in the middle of my racing season, not so good.

It was our third anniversary today, so we took ourselves off for a meal at Fishers. One of my favourite places to eat, but I’ve not been there for many years because Jules doesn’t (didn’t) like fish. She has recently found that it’s not as bad as she thought, so it was an easy choice for me to suggest we’d go there. We had a very good meal, I had the scallops and plaice (I was expecting a whole plaice, but what I got was fillets on a bed of mash), Jules the calamari and the swordfish steak. Washed down with a very nice bottle of  “Chemin des Dames Demi Sec, Vin de Pay 2008”. Stopped off for a pint in the Cricketers, Iffley road before catching the bus home.