Erg 15km (3x5km) + Age of Stupid

PM. Erg 15km (3x5km, 2min rec.) Brisk

5km/18:58.0 (1:53.8) r23 __ HR145(155)
5km/18:56.9 (1:53.7) r23 __ HR156(161)
5km/18:55.3 (1:53.5) r23 __ HR159(165) av. 1:53.7

Woke up to a dusting of snow outside so we walked the 600m to work today. I had a fairly busy day, finalising issues in production for the xmas break. About this time last year I did 3x5km on the erg (blog entry here), in preparation for a fast 5km at the end of the month, each rep. in under 19 minutes. So I set myself the same target again today, also at the same rating, 23. It was quite a struggle towards the end of the last rep but I made it. Slightly higher heart rates than last year, so I was clearly working hard! (I’d also done a Winslow ride the day before last year too.)

There’s a Supergrass charity gig at The Regal tonight, and our work unofficial xmas party above The Cape of Good Hope but we’ve not got tickets for either. It’s flippin’ cold outside so an evening in with a few beers in front of the TV beckons.

Age of Stupid
Watched Age of Stupid on the iPlayer. I didn’t think it was quite the film that The Inconvenient Truth was. Less preachey, more taking real situations by example. Some very valid points made. It was weird to see those people in Bedfordshire saying they understood what global warming was, but at the same time rejecting a wind farm on a local farm. We saw some good examples of the impact of global corporations on African life. One day I suppose, we’ll realise how much our actions cost us.