Rest day – Bright Star

A day off training. My quads are as stiff as boards and I can hardly get down stairs (going upstairs is not much better). I used the lift at work today without guilt.

Bright Star
We went to the Ultimate Picture Palace to see Bright Star in the evening. The (later) life of Keats, as seen through the eyes of Fanny Brawne, with whom he had an affair of sorts. I quite enjoyed it; a romantic tale, well filmed. Worth a look if you’re in a non-cynical romantic frame of mind. However, Keats appeared to be suffering from a mild form of man-flu rather than TB though, so the fact of him being in a terminal decline (Jane Campion spared us the gory details) from a ticklish cough was a little ineffectual.

My legs were too stiff to cycle up the hill to get back home – one of the downsides to having a single-speed town bike. I had to walk the last hundred metres!