Rest day – Jules’ hand broken after all

Thought about nipping to the gym after work, but it ended up being a rest day. Legs not too stiff, but my left heel feels a bit bruised.

Jules went back to the docs today – the swelling had gone down on her bruised right hand and you could now see that the knuckle on the little finger was displaced. It looked exactly like a “boxer’s fracture” and the GP (a different one this week) thought she ought to get it X-rayed. So I left work too and gave her a lift up to the JR2 for an X-ray appointment.

They confirmed that yes, she’d broken her hand. She then went down to A&E for a 4-hour wait while I went back to work. The A&E nurses wanted to know why she’d not been in before, but really, what can you say when your GP doesn’t think you’ve broken it in the first place? She eventually got herself an appointment at the “hand clinic” on Friday. The damn thing’ll be half healed in the wrong direction by then.

I spent a couple of hours working on bikes in the evening, swapping computers over so I had a decent one on Jules’ summer Bianchi (the wiring loom had broken somewhere internally on her Cateye Strada Cadence – it was giving rear wheel speed but no cadence) and starting work on repairing the shifters etc. on Jules’ training bike.