Erg 8km (10x400m) + Johnny Helms

Lunchtime. Erg 8km inc. 10x400m (2:30 rest)

2km w/u: 7:51.7 (1:57.9) r22

1. 1:19.5 (1:39.3) r34
2. 1:20.6 (1:40.7) r33
3. 1:20.9 (1:41.1) r32
4. 1:20.5 (1:40.6) r33
5. 1:20.4 (1:40.5) r33
6. 1:20.4 (1:40.5) r34
7. 1:20.3 (1:40.4) r34
8. 1:20.7 (1:40.8) r33
9. 1:20.6 (1:40.8) r34
10. 1:21.8 (1:42.3) r34 HRmax 167. Average. 1:20.6 (1:40.7)

2km w/d

We cycled to the pool this morning, but when we got there it was closed because the water level had dropped overnight (how does that happen?). We had a bit of a laugh about it and went back home. There wasn’t time to do anything other training so Jules did a bit of sewing and I attacked the Observer crossword over a cup of coffee.

I nipped home at lunchtime to do an erg instead. This month’s CTC challenge is a straight 400m sprint, so I worked it into an interval session of 10x400m. I guessed a recovery of 2:30 would be about right, and so it seemed apart from the very last rep. where I was still breathing hard when I picked up the handle for that last 400m. That rep. didn’t go so well – I was paddling in lactic acid from about 150m to go. I logged the first and fastest time as my entry for the CTC but might have another (single) go at it another day.

I also rowed a steady 2km warm up and logged the time for the C2 Challenge Series, although I will be doing an all-out time for that later. It’s going to be a very competitive month in that challenge as the distance is 2km and many people will be peaking for the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the end of the month – last year this was (relative to eveyone else) my worst month in the Challenge Series and I’d like to do better this year.

Lower legs and shins still feeling a bit hammered, so no running today. I’ll be able to get out for a decent run in at the weekend, I should think.

Johnny Helms
I heard that the cartoonist Johnny Helms died of a stroke yesterday. He was 85. I always enjoyed his cartoons in The Comic, although I’ve not been a subscriber to it for some years. This was one of my favourites from about 10 years ago, and it shows that people trying too hard on winter clubs is a recurring theme – there’s been a recent thread on the TT forum about it! It’s not a good scan – I’ll see if I can find a better one.