Erg 8km + blood + heating engineering

Lunchtime. Erg 8km/31:13 (1:57.1) r22, HR 159(173)

Not very busy at work today so I took a long lunch-hour, went home and sat on an erg.

I did some Polar HRM tests before I started, just to see how low my baseline has fallen. Here are the stats:

Rest HR = 65 (usually 45-50!)
Orthostatic (standing) HR = 80
Polar Ownindex = 56 (a rough measure of VO2max, it doesn’t seem to have dropped much)
HRmax = 185 (gone up a bit from 180-181 in the summer – heart is rested and therefore more responsive, hence the high HR in today’s steady erg)

The erg wasn’t too much of a struggle, although I felt very unfit and I’d had enough after half an hour. My HR was sky high – I am *super* rested and very unfit by my usual standards – although I didn’t feel like I was pushing it that hard. Coughed up quite a bit of phlegm in the first 10 minutes and then it cleared a bit, only to come back as I passed the 7km mark, prompting me to handle-down at 8km.

Went into town after work and gave blood – I’ll be even more unfit after that. It went OK, although there were some shenanigans in the tea area – one guy nearly passed out and had to lie on the floor with his feet elevated, and shortly after that another chap started bleeding from under his plaster, blood everywhere. His jacket was a right mess. The nurse offered to get his jacket cleaned, but like any donor he seemed very self-effacing and keen not to make too much of a fuss. So often you go to give blood and there is all this stuff about looking after yourself, taking a drink, resting, before you head off home, and you think why? I guess today the nurses earned their keep.

The new controller PCB and air pressure sensor had arrived for the boiler today. I fitted the new controller and the boiler fired up OK first time. We have heating, yay! I don’t need the air pressure sensor, which was the other thing that could’ve been at fault, so I might hang on to it as a spare (it wasn’t too expensive, I suppose, compared to the PCB, it might go on eBay).