Rest day + cookies

Popped into town mid-morning, cashed in the remaining months of my car insurance as I won’t be needing it for a while. Did a bit of shopping in Tesco with J, and then while she was out a a friend’s house watching Stritcly in the evening, I made some hazelnut chocolate cookies from Nigel Slater’s recipe in last week’s Guardian. They didn’t come out too great although I’d followed the recipe pretty closely. I noticed halfway through that at no point did it mention when you were supposed to add the hazelnuts! So I chucked them in at the end, like you would anyway.

The heating boiler’s packed up again, just like it did this time last year. It senses the load, fires up the fan and then there’s no ignition – it just locks out. It only seems to happen when the outside air temperature drops. Occasionally you can get it to re-set, and last winter we got through OKish doing just that, but this time it seems to have failed for good. I need to order and fit a new controller and air pressure sensor I think. We have hot water from the immersion heater for the moment, but it’s an expensive way to heat the water.