Cycle 48km + watching Kona IM

AM. Cycle 48km (26.7km/h) HR 126(153) ascent 345m

Went out for a steady spin with Jules. I woke up with a very sore throat, so a few coffees and marmalade toast required before I could breathe/speak. Left calf a bit stiff from yesterday’s run, I’m hoping it’ll be good to run on in another day or so. I took some extra supplies on the bike so I could do a bit more after I’d got back home, but I didn’t feel up to it. My right hip has been sore for the last couple of days (it’s something that I get from long timetrials – that’ll be the effect of the 24-hour effort), and it bothered me enough that I didn’t want to do anything more.

First ride on the new training bike. Position feels good. Frame is uber-stiff. Nice not to have mudguard issues. A front brake block was rubbing on a tyre when I braked, so I stopped to adjust that. The gears weren’t working too well – only 8 out of 9, so I had some work to do on that when I got home. I tweaked the cable run out on the ride just to get most of them working OK.

After some work on my bike (I have solved my summer bike seatpost conumdrum – I just cut the 27.2 seatpost down so that only 2 inches are inside the frame and it misses whatever was causing it to foul the inside of the seatpost (and saves a bit of weight too!), then used the 29.4 shim – tight fit, but all hunky dory), I spent the afternoon cleaning Jules’ mighty Polo, and then started watching the live-via-webfeed from Kona Ironman coverage (Universal TV), while surfing the tritalk chatroom and reading the text updates while Jules is settling down in front of Strictly Come Dancing. I’d better get on and cook while the triathletes are on the bike, it’s my turn tonight.