Rest day – went to a wedding + red mondeo R.I.P.

We were off to the wedding of a work colleague and a good friend of Jules. The ceremony was at 12 noon, near Didcot, so we didn’t have much time in the morning to do much other than have breakfast, skim through the paper and get ready. At least this week Jules wouldn’t be doing the photography so the pressure was off.

We bundled into my car in plenty of time, but as we headed down the A34 there was some ominous smoke from the back. Soon after the Abingdon south turning we lost all power and I pulled over to the grass verge, smoke coming from under the bonnet. Jules rang the AA (I’m still not a member, oops – when I got this Mondeo it was relatively new and reliable, so I never thought it necessary. Now, of course, however well I’ve looked after it, it’s a 15-year-old banger), and a chap turned up in 20 minutes. He thought it likely the head gasket had failed – it’s a write-off as it’ll cost more to repair than the value of the car – and towed us back home. We left the car in our work car park so it would be easier to organise salvage next week when I’m at work, and then walked home to get into Jules’ Polo and headed back down  the A34 a second time.

We’d missed the wedding ceremony by the time we got there, but were still able to enjoy the rest of the day and had a great time, particularly the fireworks and country dancing in the evening. Originally we’d planned to catch a taxi home, but we had to have a car the next morning so I stayed sober and drove us back to Cowley at the end of the evening.

It’s funny, but a month or two back I was seriously thinking about trading in my Mondeo, but it’d got to the stage of all the depreciation having gone, so I might as well hang on to it and see how it went. Not well as it transpires! I must get a photo of it before I get it scrapped – I’ve had it years.