Rest day – cold + bike building

Not feeling so tired today, although a bit snotty. I nearly did some training but decided to crack on with my bike building. Next year’s summer bike is taking shape – taking form from the old 853 bike I’ve been riding through the last few winters. The Chorus 10-speed ergos I bought secondhand seem to work OK, and I’m very happy with the Mavic chain I bought – it seems to be good quality. I’ve left it as slack as I dare so I’ve got room to put a 52T chainring on the bike if I’m going to race it (it only has a 50T for training).

So far the only crinkles are that the 1-inch fork bung I bought doesn’t quite fit inside the fork (ooops, not a bit error, cheap to find another one that, hopefully, will fit – it’s odd though that expander bungs are quoted on the outside diameter of the fork, when they have to go inside the fork), so there’s not much tension in the headset (!!) and I’d quite like a new seatpost. And there’s a story – this frame has always taken a 27.0 mm seatpost, but when I got it back from Argos Cycles, the old seatpost rattled around in it. I reckon it needs a 29.4 now! I had just the right shim sitting in my spares box (fortunately my tandem takes the same size and I had one left from a previous change of seatpost). I can only think that they found a shim in there and took it out without telling me (strange though, that I’ve had this frame re-sprayed twice before  – at Vaz and API – and not had this problem!).

I need to source a new bung and seatpost (and some bar tape and so on…), and then I’m done. I put some of the Look Sprint Keos we had lying around from Jules’  Bianchi purchase (too extreme for her), I was thinking about a new chainset but the old Campagnolo one looks the part (shown here with race wheels, I’ve got some weighty Miche wheels for training):


Next – a Ribble training frame to make up into a winter trainer. I need to buy a few odds and ends to finish that off yet.