Cycle 61km, Club hillclimb

AM. Cycle 61km, inc. Club Hillclimb, Watlington.

28km w/u
Hillclimb: 1560m/115m climb 5:21 (17.2km/h), HR160(167)
31km w/d


Another chance to remind myself why I don’t like racing uphill. I’m usually doing a bit of road racing at this time of the year, but this season I’ve run out of steam and haven’t entered anything. I’ve only done this event twice before: 5:10 in 1998 and 4:50 in 2004. I don’t think I was really up for it today, but it was good to pin a number on and have a go, meet a few club members and have a chat. It would’ve been nice to race this on my C50, but I’ve sold that now. I hadn’t even bothered to put some race wheels on my Tifosi. I saw Matt Rowley there (we often share a lane in the Temple Cowley Pool morning sessions), and had a chat. He’d been racing at the World Age Group Triathlon, in Australia. Nice!

The hillclimb went as well as I could expect, I took it steady around the first corner and steep section (36×23), and then got a bit more into my stride on the next easier section (36×19/17) but didn’t really managed to raise much of a sprint over the last half (36×21/19), which is where I was hoping to make up a bit of time.

Went for a slightly longer ride home as the sun came out, and then spent the rest of the afternoon faffing about. Left calf seems to be easing up, maybe I’ll try going for a run on it tomorrow.