Rest day in Barcelona

A rest day today. I’d got a race tomorrow and my legs were hammered from being on my feet all day around Barcelona.

We packed up our gear (we were flying out later in the day), and headed off to the left luggage at Estacio Sant where we left our rucsacs and had some breakfast before backtracking to go see Park Guell ( There was a fair walk from the metro stop to the Park, but it was great when we got there. We strolled around, taking a few rests (our feet were very sore). I climbed to the top of one viewpoint for great views over the city. Jules stayed in the shade – it was very hot.

After a lunch bought from a local supermarket we caught the metro back to Las Ramblas, and wandered around the famous Boqueria market there. We bought some fruit and some juice and picked up a terracotta paella dish before it was time to get back to the station and pick up our bags. After we’d picked them up, we were back on the metro to catch the airport bus.

As I was getting on to the train I was bundled by a couple of guys – they quickly hopped off the carriage as the doors closed. I thought it was odd and then in another second thought – ah ha! They were pickpockets. My wallet was gone. When I’m out and about in any city I only ever take a spare wallet in my pocket as a kitty with some cash and maybe one card – the other cards etc. stay well out of sight – and this was the case today. As soon as we were out of the metro at the bus stop I called Mastercard and cancelled the card. We’d lost about 70 euros in cash too, bugger – I’d taken some cash out at a cashpoint the night before. Jules took a few euros out of a cashpoint and we caught the bus to the airport. A nasty way to finish off what had been a good holiday.

We consoled ourselves with a couple of beers in the airport bar before the journey home. The plane was a little delayed, but we didn’t have too late a night, back home by 10pm.