Run 10km inc. Mota-vation race 5

PM. Run 10km, inc. Mota-vation race 5

2½km w/u
4 miles 47 yds: 26:24 (6:33 min/mi) HR161(170)
[splits 6:15/6:42/6:44/6:35+0:08]
1km w/d

[Results ]

I intended going to the pool this morning, but with my ears in the state they’re in, decided to give it a miss. I feel a bit blocked up in my head, like I’ve got a bit of a cold.

Rode over to the Oxford Harlequins club for this evening’s Motavation race. As I was warming up my legs felt very stiff and sore after the last few days increased mileage, butit felt nice to put on some racing shoes again (and some thinnner socks – I was trying out a pair of single-skin racing socks from my favourite Ron Hill “Hilly” brand).

The first mile was fairly rapid and at the end of it, as the guys I’d normally be racing against in this series disappeared into the distance, I realised that this was going to be little more than a fast-paced training run for me. I strode out the next couple of miles around Old Marston fairly comfortably (there look to be some nice pubs there!), and then worked harder up the mile-long drag of the Marston Ferry Road back to the Harlequins club, reeling in a couple of the runners that’d passed me previously. Probably my slowest race of the series, but it’s all good training.

I’ve got a bit of a sore throat now, we’ll see how that goes. I was thinking of doing another run tomorrow morning but I can feel a rest day coming on.