Run 21½km + Oxford Tri marshalling

PM. Run 21½km/1:41, steady, HR162(172)

We were up early again this morning to go and marshall at the Oxford Triathlon Club Sprint Tri, in Radley College. Jules and I were helping out in the pool – I was fetching male swimmers for their race briefing, and Jules was counting laps of the pool. It all seemed to go OK, although I was amazed how unhurried some people were to get to the pool in good time. There were just over 100 competitors to set off for this inaugural event, so we weren’t too stretched to deal with them all and I’m sure the club found it useful to gauge how to handle this event if it ever becomes a full-blown “open”.

I also handed in my membership application for the tri club today – is this the beginning of the end? Will I never be able to steer my bike in a straight line ever again? We shall see. At the moment, I’m joining for the swim and bike-and-run training mainly, I guess I’ll still be doing open events in my orange OCRC kit for the moment (unless Ox Tri ask me to form part of a team or something).

After we’d done our duty in the pool, we headed over to the registration pavillion and served tea, coffee and cake to the hungry, thirsty athletes and spectators. It was quite a hectic morning, and after the prizes were handed out and we done a little clearing up, were happy to be on our way home. We had a bit of a sit around and then I headed out the door for my week’s long run.

I was planning on adding a couple of km to last week’s effort, but after I’d been out for an hour, the sun burnt through the overcast, muggy skies and it got really hot. I started to suffer badly – at one point I looked down at my HRM to find it reading 170bpm, on a flat, straight bit of road, oops. I slowed dramatically in the last 5km and even had to stop and walk a few paces at times. I decided not to add any extra distance and turned for home. Very exhausting. It was 22C when I got back home – less than ideal. I downed a few pints of Gatorade and then sipped a couple more pints of tea.

We nipped down the Cowley road for a noodle at the Red Star, and then toddled home to watch the final of “Only Connect” on BBC4.