Trike 25m TT – PB

AM. Trike 59km inc. Alton CC 25 mile TT (course H25/8)

11km w/u
25 miles: 1:01:32 (24.377mph/39.231km/h) HR158(166). New PB/club record
8km w/d

I was rather reluctant to get up at 5:45am for the drive to the HQ this morning. Definitely feeling under the weather – a slightly sore throat and a bit gummy in my breathing. I got on with it anyway, a bit like one of those mornings when I’ve raced to get to work, only to realise once I’ve sat down at my desk that I’m actually not fit enough to be there.

I did my usual warm up for this course. I had some other rider following me down a little lane I use for warming up on, so I stopped and asked him if he was following me, and he admitted that yes, he was – was I riding to the start? Muppet! I sent him on his way and continued with my warm-up, although it was feeling a bit cooler out than of late and I wasn’t getting very warm.

Off the start I reckon I went way too hard for the first 5 or 6 miles or so, and spent the rest of the ride trying to find a decent comfortable pace without blowing *too* much. After alll that I was quite surprised to get to the final turn realising that I’d be close to a PB with a decent following wind over the last stretch, and ended up beating my previous 25-mile best by just over a minute. It’s still a slower speed than my best 50 time though. Fastest rider on the day was Wouter Sybrandy, with 51:31.

I really struggled to stay awake on the drive back home, and after I’d showered, changed and had a sandwich, fell asleep for a couple of hours on the sofa. I am definitely not 100% right today, and binned the hour’s run I had planned for later in the day. Marathon training will have to resume tomorrow!