Swim 4000m + Cycle 39km + orange watch

AM. Swim 4000m/65

Decent swim this morning. Towards the end of the session somebody slightly faster than me got into the next lane, gave me something to chase. Couldn’t swear to it, but it feels like I’m fighting off a cold or something at the moment.

PM. Cycle 39km, easy, HR 112(137)

I’d volunteered to do a spot of pushing off at tonight’s club TT. It was a Stadhampton 10, so only 20 minutes ride away for me. A dismal damp and windy evening didnt seem to put too many people off, there were a few 2up teams, but me and Lee (who was also helping push off) didn’t have too much work to do. I went for a spin while the event was on, just to get some miles in, and the picked up the results before heading back home. Good to meet up with folks, have a bit of a chat.

Orange watch
I took delivery of a new watch today. I’ve been hunting around for a cheapie orange-colour fashion watch for ages, and finally the quest is over. I nearly had it with a Fat Face one that came out last year, but when I tried it on in the shop it was waaaayy too big for my tiny wrist. A few swatches caught my eye, but I recently found this Wave-Watch, £24 plus postage, it’s a bargain, and very orange :-).