Run 21½km + Elder Stubbs festival + “Oranges”

AM. Run 21½km/1:40, steady. HR 154(164)

Jules was off to London to renew her passport, so I went out for a long run, my first since the 9th July. I was supposed to be riding a 100-mile TT today, but my entry got lost in the post, so that’s that. Time to re-think my training for the remainder of the season. I’ve got about 7 weeks before the Leicester city marathon, so I’ve got to be thinking about going out for a long run every week, gradually extending it up to +30km. No need to get so much mileage done on the bike now (just enough to get me to the end of the club TT season and through Faringdon Triathlon), and I need to keep an eye on my weight. I reckon I ought to be running at least 4 times a week, slowing down the long runs for endurance, and speeding up the shorter ones.

I took it pretty steady, a couple of minutes slower than I had been doing this loop. It was warm out, but not uncomfortably so, but I sought out shade wherever I could find it. Straight after I got home, I showered and nipped into town to go to the bank and have a bit of a wander about.

Elder Stubbs Festival
After a spot of lunch I wandered down to the Elder Stubbs Garden Festival ( Spent an hour or so admiring the allotments, listening to the music, eating home-cooked samosas and browsing the secondhand book and CD stalls. I came away with some piccalilli, a very curvy cucumber, some french beans (not flown all the way from Kenya, yay!), and three strawberry plants, which I’m thinking of planting in the place where I’ve just dug up our potatoes.

That’s quite enough for one day. Might nip out for a beer later though.

Oranges are not the only fruit
We ended up watching this BBC adaptation (in three parts). I’d videoed it off the TV when it was repeated in 1994 (original screening was in 1990), and made a little presentation box out of the cuttings and pictures from the Radio Times. It’s available as a DVD now, of course (, but I am rather pleased with my homegrown version. Anyway, it’s been quite a few years since I last dug it out and watched it and I’d forgotten just how well it was put together. What a tragedy it was that Charlotte Colman’s life was to end when she was so young.