Run 11km + no trike 100 this year

PM. Run 11km/50 steady, HR146(156)

A bit of a steady old day. I was going to go out for a lunchtime run and do an erg in the evening, but I didn’t quite happen and I ended up just going for a run after work. Pretty hot, but I felt OK, the wind took quite a bit of the heat off.

Mike Dunmore from the Oxford Tri club came round later for a look at my Colnago C50. He decided to buy it. Cool.

Team Swift 100
Ah, bad news. I rang up Pete Read, the organiser, and he’s not had my entry for this Saturday’s 100 mile TT (which was posted on the 9th July!). He wasn’t having reserves apparently anyway. I’ve just checked my bank account and the cheque’s not been cashed, so it must’ve got lost in the post. That’s then end of my trike BAR campaign for the year, I am absolutely gutted. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

I can’t believe it, that’s the third entry I’ve had lost/delayed in the post this year. I’m am going to have to send my entries recorded delivery, courier or something!

Oxford’s postal service is RUBBISH!