Run 9km + Cycle 45km + Dinosaur Jr

AM. Run 9km/42, steady, HR146(156)

Steady morning run, a bit stiff from yesterday’s run.

PM. Cycle 45km, steady, Benson, HR133(156)

Inc. Benson triangle lap: 28.0km/53:04 (31.6km/h) HR 134(156)

Nice fast lap of Benson triangle. I should really have been doing intervals on the turbo, but sod that, it was a lovely warm evening for a ride, if a little breezy. Not a cloud in the sky.

Dinosaur Jr.
Went to see Dinosaur Jr. at the Zodiac. It’s funny, but I’ve never seen them play, and don’t own any of their records. Funny, because ten or fifteen years I used to go to a couple of gigs a week, and many of the bands I loved to hear had Dinosaur Jr. as a big influence. That strummy bass sound (think Snow Patrol) and quiet/loud dynamic (think Nirvana), just gets it for me. When Lou Barlow split with them and formed Sebadoh, I hardly missed a single gig he played in London for many years. So, I was expecting a lot from the band tonight, and boy did they deliver!


J. Mascis might look like an old rocker now but the technique and delivery is still there, deafening too! Lou Barlow really looked like he was having fun with his old compatriots hammering away on his bass guitar and I really liked the songs that were obviously “his”. The crowd really got into it and there was a brilliant atmosphere. Some of those songs just rocked. They came back for an encore, and finished off with The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”, one of my favourite Cure songs. (I later realised that this song has become a bit of a “standard” for them – something I didn’t know at the time.) Absolutely fantastic…