Run 13½km + Buckinghamshire day trip

AM. Run 13½km/61, steady, HR152(163)

Went out for a decent hour’s run before it got too warm. Had quite a good fast run, although my calves are still quite sore.

We went for a day trip, out to the Canal Museum at Stoke Bruerne and then on to the Railway museum at Quainton. They were both places I’d been to as a boy, and although they’re quite close to Oxford I’ve not been back in over 30 years. We had a nice time wandering about both of them, although it did feel a bit as though we ought to have had a small child in tow!

Canal Museum: DayTrip1
Railway centre HQ, the old Rewley road station from Oxford: DayTrip6

“Thomas the Tank Engine”, under wraps and on his way to a show: DayTrip4

After all that, we came home for tea and cake. I should’ve gone out for a bike ride but didn’t have the energy.