Rest day – more double glazing

Rest day.

Very nearly persuaded myself to get on the erg and have a go at that this evening, but it didn’t quite happen. I did some updating of results to the OCRC website and answered a few queries.

I’ve started wondering about getting a new car. I’ve had my Mondeo 13 years/100000 miles. It’s got 167000 on the clock, and although still 100% reliable is starting to get a bit rattly/squeaky and looking tired. It started making a fan-belt sort of noise in slow corners on the drive up to Cheshire last weekend, pesky thing. I can’t be bothered to keep it going much longer, and a newer Mondeo might be the thing. Budget’s going to be about £1000 I reckon, so I won’t be looking for anything too swish.

I’m also thinking about a major swap-around of my bikes. Maybe re-invent my 853 training bike as a summer trainer by fitting some new forks, getting it re-sprayed and adding the soon-to-be-10-speed components from my Tifosi. Then buy an old 531 frame with decent mudguard clearance to hang all the winter bits on (I am tired of hearing my mudguards squeak when there’s the slightest drop of rain on the roads). Then sell the Tifosi frame. I will then be back in a steel-is-real situation for my training bikes, cool.

Double glazing
We had another double-glazing saleswoman round this evening ( Much more personable than the Everest bloke. We’ll get a quote off them tomorrow, apparently.