Rest day – double glazing salesmen

Rest day.

Not unexpectedly, feeling a bit tired today. Finger tips feeling quite numb, ankles swollen and aching. We’d booked the morning off work so we could have a bit of a lie-in, and rolled into work at lunchtime.

Double glazing salesman
We had an Everest double-glazing salesman come around in the evening (we’re looking to have the front door, a rear bedroom window and a small window replaced). He gave us the whole spiel. How wonderful the quality was, etc. Started off at £7k (!), then gave us an instant 35% cut on that, because, apparently, that was the lastest offer they were doing. Then offered us finance. He was tapping away on his calcutor, but Jules reckoned it was just a sham – he pitched his price at what he thought we might be able to afford (good job we’d left Jules’ old Polo out the front!) We did a good job of umming and ahhing and eventually he got down to £3.3k, but we told him we’d think about it ;-), and wouldn’t be drawn to sign on the dotted line for his once-in-a-lifetime offer. It was a really old-fashioned sales pitch, I didn’t think stuff was still sold that way! In reality, it was too expensive.

Last time I bought some UPVC windows and doors, a few blokes from local firms came round, asked me what I wanted, what colour, measured up, and then a quote arrived in the post a few days later. I picked the bloke who looked like he knew was he doing and who offered a middle-of-the-road price. Job done – the stuff they fitted was just fine. We’ve got another rep from a local firm coming round on Wednesday afternoon who I suspect will be more like that (I hope!).