Cycle 317km

Cycle 317km, inc. The Dean 307km audax. Steady, HR 124(158 ) ascent 3060m.

I’d booked the day off, and headed out the door just before 7am for a decent ride out into Wales and back across the Severn bridge, following the route of “The Dean” 307km audax (

There was a fair old cross-wind most of the way out, which became a helpful tailwind for the last 60km or so. I got a right soaking cycling down through the Forest of Dean. I was riding my summer bike (no mudguards) and hadn’t bothered to pack a rain jacket, so I just put up with getting very, very wet as the rain was bouncing down for about 20  minutes. After that the roads were soaked and I think it took most of the rest of the day for my shoes and socks to dry out again. It was warm though, thankfully. I suffered a bit with my neck and back for the last few hours – they still haven’t completely recovered from last weekend’s 12-hour TT. Other than that it was a good ride, rain aside, an excellent day out on the bike.

That’ll be my last long ride before the 24-hour TT.