Trike 74km inc. Tricycle Association 10m TT

PM. Trike 74km inc. Tricycle Association 10-mile TT. Course H10/17R

33½km to event
10 miles: 23:35 (25.442mph/40.944km/h) HR 161(171). New PB, club record + 1st trike!
24½km home

I wasn’t too sure how I’d be going today, but, determined to get some more trike miles done I rode to the event and back. I remembered to stay calm up the first drag off the start (it’s easy to burn up too much energy there and be blown for the dual carriageway that follows), and felt I rode a very evenly paced race. There was a fair breeze about, but it was mostly straight across the course and not affecting the riders too much at all.

I handled the roundabouts much better than in the past. It was good to come back to this course – where I’d ridden my first few time trials on the trike – and cope so much better with the cambers and corners. I’m sure that most of the 39 seconds I reduced my PB by was due to this.

Tired legs for the ride home, evidently I still haven’t completely shaken last week’s 12 out of them.