Cycle 47km + Run 9½km (inc. Mota-vation race 3)

PM. 47km Cycle to Coombe and back for road race (23½km + 23½km) , easy, HR120(146)

PM. Run 9½km, Mota-vation Race 3 (

2km w/u
3 miles 1585 yards (6.28km)/ 23:30 (6:01 min/mile), HR165(176)
1.3km w/d

[Edit: results here: ]

Very hot, muggy evening for a running race. We were warned on the race briefing to make sure we were fully hydrated before the start. Just cycling to the event made me work up quite a sweat, although I when I was a teenager I always went well in the heat.

I got a bit of a slow start, trapped too far back in the bunch but after quarter of a mile or so the road cleared a little and I was able to spot a couple of runners I’ve raced in the last two editions of this series, so I focused on reeling them in. I got up to them after the first mile, but then realised I still had more in my legs so I kept on going and in the next mile reeled in the next group on the road. There was a nasty down-and-up that killed my legs at about 3 miles, and I started to fade a bit in the last half mile or so and four of five runners from the group I’d just overtaken reeled me back in. I’d finished well ahead of those I’d normally be finishing with, so I was satisfied with that.

I re-hydrated with a Nuun ( tablet or two in my bidon before getting changed back into my cycling kit. There was a a welcome breeze rising up as I pedalled home.