Swim 4000m + cycle 37km + run 10km (inc. 4.25mile Mota-vation race)

AM. Swim 4000m steady

PM. Cycle 37km (18½km to race and back) HR117(149)

PM. Run 10km inc. Mota-vation race 2 (http://www.kidlingtonrunning.org.uk/mota_race_info.php?r=U6EN38EBAG&year=2009&racenumber=2)

2km w/u
4 miles 451 yards, 26:56 (6:20 min/mile) HR162(171). Mile splits 6:02/6:16/6:22/6:31 + 1:45
1km w/d

Cycled over to Bletchingdon for this evening’s Motavation race 2. Feeling pretty knackered, so I didn’t bother with my race shoes, I wanted the extra comfort. Coped OKish with the early descents, but I felt I went better on the climbs through miles 3 and 4 to the finish. Nice sunny evening for a race.

[EDIT: Results http://www.kidlingtonrunning.org.uk/krc/mota-vation/motaresults2009/motaresults2009race2.html ]