Cycle 211km

Cycle 211km (164km + 47km with Jules), Steady easy, HR126(152), ascent 1285m

Slapped on a load of sunscreen and headed out the door just after 8am. I took the club run route out to Winslow, adding a couple of extra loops and stopping for a refill of my bottles on the way. It was fairly breezy out there, and very hot. I stuck to the flattish roads.

Jules was taking the afternoon off work for a ride, so I got back to the house at 2pm and picked her up and we did another circuit around the lanes here. The tarmac was melting in places, and in the last hour I was picking up a dose of “hot foot” in my left foot. (It’s a condition where the constant pressure on the middle of the foot causes a burning sensation.) I’ve not had it for a number of years – I moved the cleats back a fraction on my old Look Delta pedals to counteract it – that worked – but the bike I took out today has some newer Look Keo pedals, and they offer a bit of a narrower platform which may have caused it. Something I’ll have to keep an eye on.

It was a great day to be outside, so when we got home I nipped down to Tesco for some beefburgers and halloumi to put on a BBQ for dinner.