Swim 3200m + cycle 34km, Ironman dreams

AM. Swim 3200m/52, steady, HR113(120)

PM. Cycle 34km (27.9km/h), Easy lap of Otmoor with Jules, HR109(137) ascent 210m

Wore my trisuit to the pool, so I had the opportunity to wear a HR strap for the first time in quite a while. Looks like I’ve been over-estimating the effort for swimming – I was thinking my average heart rate would be around 125. Either that, or I’m pretty fit at the moment.

Still tired though, so an easy spin around the lanes on Otmoor with Jules fitted the bill after work. Nice evening.

Ironman/marathon dreams
Although I’m hardly into the thick of this season, I’m already thinking about next year and beyond. I still have a couple of endurance events to tick off – an ironman triathlon being one of them, I reckon (and Paris-Brest-Paris – I’ve been beset by some stupid injury or accident every time I’ve tried to qualify for that and the next one’s in 2011). I’d like to enter a decent ironman next year I think, to do a good time, so one of the big European ironman events would be good – Roth, Frankfurt or Austria maybe. These events are open for entries in July and sell out fast – I’ve got to keep my eye on their websites if I want a place in one of them.

The ironman swim and bike sections ought to be a doddle for me, it’s the marathon run that’s going to be hard to keep the training together for, so, with that in mind I’m planning an October marathon to dip a toe in the water. Unfortunately my local marathon, the Abingdon, is already full (5 months before it takes place!), so I’ve entered the Leicester City Marathon the weekend before (http://www.leicestermarathon.org.uk/), via the Runner’s World online entry system. Now I just need a September half-marathon as a warm up. I need to keep a careful eye on lower leg injuries, stretch properly, and I can get the mileage done. I’m certainly enjoying my running more and more these days.