Cycle 216km

Cycle 216km, 26.2km/h, Steady, HR 129(159), ascent 1965m

This time last year I rode a 300k on the day after the Town & Gown, but I hadn’t ridden a 50-mile TT on the Saturday. I was a bit too tired to do a whole half day in the saddle and the weather looked dodgy. I’d booked the day off work, so I headed out the door on my winter bike for a lap of the Poor Student audax route (

It turned out to be a cold, windy and wet day. I got a right soaking once I’d turned north across the Cotswold hills, and various other showers drenched me all day. It turned out to be a pretty uncomfortable 8 hours in the saddle, and I was glad of a soak in a hot bath once I’d got home and my feet had warmed up.