Run: Town + Gown 10k

Run 12½km, inc. Town & Gown 10km

1½km w/u
10km: 40:21 (6:30 min/mile) HR161(166)
1km w/d

Another year, another Town & Gown 10k ( My back woke me up just after 5 am, and I slept fitfully for another hour or so before deciding to get up and have some breakfast. was feeling decidedly stiff-legged as we cycled into town for this year’s edition, and some ominous clouds were gathering overhead. No matter, I got changed and went for an easy jog to try and loosen my legs up a bit. Not sure it really worked!

After the usual quick start I settled into my racing stride, but I was feeling very dead legged. The heavens opened after about 5 minutes, and I quickly got very very cold. I passed Jules, cheering me on from the side of the road at 3.5km, and at this point I knew that today was not going to be my day so I settled into a steadier stride. Normally if someone passes me, I try to hang on to their pace for a bit, or if there’s a small gap to the next group in front I’ll try to close it, but today I just didn’t have the ability to raise my pace at all. No surprise at all, after yesterday’s ride, I guess.

I passed the halfway mark  in 19:42, but the second half was always going to be slower. We were all absolutely soaked and I lost all feeling in my hands. I didn’t see the next couple of kilometre markers, but once we were back into the park there were only a couple of kilometres to go and I was very happy to get to the finish funnels.

Typically, the sun came back out as I went for a warm-down jog.

After I’d changed out of my wet gear, we faffed about in town for a bit, had a coffee and a cake. Once we’d got home, I fell asleep in an armchair for about an hour – knackered – before washing my trike, the car, and then sorting out the gears on the trike. I think I’ve got it fixed – the top gear adjuster screw had run out a little bit causing yesterday’s mishap. It’s an old mech, secondhand off eBay. I’ll have to keep a careful eye on it.