Swim 4000m + turbo 30km (6x2km) + Derren Brown

AM. Swim 4000m, steady

Only woken by my back at 5 am, didn’t need any ibuprofen and dropped back off to sleep pretty quickly, is that progress? Anyway I had a good strong swim this morning. Pool relatively empty for once, I could’ve done some intervals but I thought I’d save the effort for later.

PM. Cycle 30km (turbo) 6x2km intervals

6km w/u
2km. 3:16 (36.6km/h) HR154(160)
(1½km easy)
2km. 3:16 (36.7km/h) HR157(164)
2km. 3:16 (36.7km/h) HR159(165)
2km. 3:16 (36.7km/h) HR162(169)
2km. 3:15 (36.8km/h) HR162(170)
2km. 3:17 (36.6km/h) HR164(172)
4½km w/d

Although there was a club TT not too far away, I decided to hop on the turbo after work and get on with some intervals. 6x2km planned, and executed.

Derren Brown – Enigma
We loved the show last night (http://www.derrenbrown.co.uk/), although it has to be said, we are big fans. There were plenty of “how did he do that?” moments. Very entertaining, and it built to a superb climax as many of the threads in the show came together for the finale. Over a post-theatre pint we managed to work out one of the main tricks which provided the vehicle for the final dénoument, but there were plenty of other things that had us completely baffled. We’re going to look forward to seeing this one again on TV when its (probably) repeated at Christmas.