30-mile trike TT

AM. Trike 62km, inc. Norlond Combine 30-mile TT, course F1/30B

7km w/u
30 miles: 1:13:38 New club record (24.445mph/39.341km/h), HR162(169)
7km w/d

After a fitfull night’s sleep with nerves, my alarm went off at 4:55am, and once more I bolted down some toast and coffee before the drive to Tempsford Village Hall. The weather was looking very promising – bright and clear and not even a hint of a breeze. It was cold though – I wore an extra layer under my skinsuit just to make sure it didn’t get to me like last weekend. Everyone had a black armband on as a mark of respect for Gareth Evans, I was no exception.

As I was lining up for my start as no. 25, another trikie quickly introduced himself – Peter Hopkins off at no. 31 – it’s a bit like some sort of not-so-secret society, I’m finding!

I was quickly into my stride, and careful to maintain a good pace over the two long drags to the main roundabout at the end of the first 12.5 mile section. After getting through that in about 29 minutes and having caught my minute-man I knew the record would be on for sure – I just needed to keep it all together through the dog-leg on the A507 and its three roundabouts, to be negotiated in both directions. I was passed by the rider who’d started 2 minutes behind me here, and although he was nippier through the roundabouts he gave me a good target to aim for. Once back on the main road again I was confident that I could keep the pace steady but high, and managed to lift it slightly for the final few miles back to the timekeeper. I was very pleased to find I’d made the most of the near-perfect conditions and beaten the old record by nearly four minutes.


As I was putting the trike away, I dropped one of the axle bolts down a gap behind the rear bumper of my car, never to be seen again – thank god I hadn’t done that when I was putting the thing together! I had to make a quick trip down to a bike shop to get another pair of them when I got back home.

We went out for lunch at the Crazy Bear (http://www.crazybeargroup.co.uk/oxford/index.html). Friends of ours are geting married there later in the year and Jules is doing the photography – it seemed a good excuse for an excellent Sunday lunch.