Swim 3200m, Cycle 34km, Run 9½km (inc. 4.1mile Mota-vation race)

AM. Swim 3200m steady

Pool very busy this morning, so I just settled for a steady swim. Had some fun after I’d got out – the lock on my locker was jammed and eventually two of the staff managed to crowbar it open, breaking the lock in the process. I was a bit late for work as a result.

PM. Cycle 34km (17km to race, 17km back from race) HR 117(148)

PM. Run 9½km, inc. Mota-vation race 1 (http://www.kidlingtonrunning.org.uk/mota_race_info.php?r=U6EN38EBAG&year=2009&racenumber=1)

2km w/u
4miles 168yds: 24:58 (6:05min/miles) HR 164(172). Mile splits 6:15, 5:45, 6:07, 6:49 (1.1 mile)
1km w/d

I cycled over to Charlton-on-Otmoor for this evening’s Motavation race 1. This series is a bit like evening club 10-mile TTs for road runners – I’ve done a couple of them in the past, but usually run out of enthusiasm by mid-summer. I feel this year that I need to get some shorter sharper efforts into my training, and I am rubbish at knuckling down to any intervals or tempo work, so these once-a-month races should be ideal for tuning my running speed for triathlons. I saw quite a few familiar faces at the HQ.

It was a bit of a drizzly evening, and I got a bit baulked off the chaotic (and delayed) start, but after that I settled into a good tempo. Didn’t quite manage to break 6 minute miling, but I’m happy enough with that. The cycle ride home was a hard old slog with tired legs, into the wind.

[EDIT: Results here: http://www.kidlingtonrunning.org.uk/krc/mota-vation/motaresults2009/motaresults2009race1.html]