Icknield RC 25 mile trike TT

AM. Trike 55km inc. Icknield RC 25mile TT, course F1/25

8½km w/u
25 miles: 1:04:01 (23.431mph, 37.709km/h) HR155(162)
6½km w/d

I got a call late, after I’d blogged last night, from the organiser saying I’d got a ride the next morning, off at 6:55 am. Early start! The alarm went at 4:25am, and after a quick couple of slices of toast and a coffee (and more coffee poured into a bidon to drink en route), I was on my way. It was looking like a promising morning, but by the time I’d collected my number and gone for a warm up the sun had disappeared and a cold westerly breeze was getting up.

The cold must’ve got to me, because however hard I tried, I just could not get going! I hammered round the roundabouts, and even briefly had the trike up on two wheels at one of them, but it was not to be. I even had 15 minutes of rain as I was coming back to the timekeeper – none too pleasant. I thought the finish time was OK, in the circumstances, and boded well for my return here next week for a 30-miler, and my attempt on that particular club record. Maybe I was a bit over-trained today. I had some tea and cake and quickly headed back home, keen to get changed and warmed up.

Jules was just heading out the door when I got back, having  a few social obligations to attend, so I had the house to myself most of the rest of the day. After a bit of a snooze, I fixed up my old Tifosi back to fit me, now that Jules has got her own racing bike. I also won a couple of Michelin tyres off eBay that’ll go OK as training tyres on the trike. Then I got on with a bit of gardening, planting out some summer border flowers in the front garden. Hopefully they’ll make a nice show. In the back garden I finished off digging out an old holly tree stump, and kept an eye on the chickens. When they were all out of their sleeping quarters, I sneaked a peek in there and found they’d laid a couple of eggs already! I was amazed that they’d settled in that quickly. Pictures of the hens here: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/39551142@N00/sets/72157617653109344/) You can see that they’re pretty scraggy-looking at the moment – they don’t do too well in battery farms. It’ll take a few weeks for their plumage to be restored to normal, I guess.

At the end of the day I cooked some Jamie Oliver chocolate brownies, and used one of the fresh eggs in the ingredients.

Just sitting here, blogging, I thought I’d look up today’s results. I am shocked to find that the end of the event was called off because of a fatality – one of the cyclists was knocked off and killed by a car (http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/cn_news_home/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=413827). At that point on the road, the driver must already have passed 10 or more people racing, and the organising club were very good at having marshalls in flouro jackets at every slip road and roundabout, plus warning signs, yet somehow the driver failed to see this guy. I can only think that they poorly judged the rider’s speed and distance. I am very sad at this news.