Cycle 62km, new hens

AM. Cycle 62km, steady easy (34km with Jules + 28km), HR115(148 ) ascent 350m

We went out for a steady ride this morning. Jules was on her new Bianchi. She tried out the Keo pedals that came with it, but even on the lowest setting they were near-impossible to get clipped into (I know, I had a go too), so I fitted it with the SPDs she was used to and we headed out for a steady ride round the local lanes.

After a spot of lunch, we got the phone call we’d been waiting for, from our contact with Hen Re-homers (, our hens were ready for collection. We drove over and collected the three of them in a couple of boxes and then got them home into the run we’d built for them. They are ex-battery hens, but they didn’t seem to be in too bad a condition. I think we were expecting bald hens that couldn’t walk, but these seemed only a little featherless, and a little quiet. I left Jules to keep an eye on them while I nipped into town to do a couple of errands. When I got back just over an hour later the chickens were out and about in their run, nibbling at their food and drinking from the water.

We kept an eye on them the rest of the afternoon – there was a little squabbling, I think the “pecking order” was being established. Our cat was quite interested, but not *that* interested. When dusk fell they were ready to be put to bed, their first night in a new home. It’s also the first anniversary of our moving into this house. Quite an auspicious day.

I’ve entered a 25 mile TT on the F1 tomorrow morning, but as far as I know, I’m still on the reserves list. I may have a 1hour 15 drive to wait in an HQ and not get a ride. We shall see…