Trike 10mile TT

PM. Trike 38km inc. Oxford University CC 10-mile TT

11km w/u
10 miles: 24:36 (24.390mph, 39.252km/h),  HR160(169)
11km w/d

I got one of the 20 or so local rider places in this BUCS event – most of the event would be students. Some students can sure afford some nice kit – I saw plenty of carbon fibre frames and wheels, and the odd Cervelo or two and a Ghibli disc wheel. Tasty stuff. My trike still drew quite a few curious glances though – it’s definitely a head-turner ;-)

With racing tomorrow morning and the 10 club record already in the bag this was only going to be a steady try-out. I was careful to keep an eye on my heart rate, to make sure it stayed below threshold (164) most of the way round, and not to fight the wind crossing the course. I only let rip for the last mile and a half. I got badly baulked at the roundabouts today – it’s always a bit of a lottery – and had to wait for three cars to pass at the turn. So, after all that I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d done such a good time as a result. If I’d gone for it I could well have beaten Tuesday’s record time. Looking good for tomorrow’s 25.