Trike 10 mile TT. New club record

PM. Trike 29km, inc. Andover Wheelers club TT P613

8km w/u
10 miles: 24:14 (24.759mph/39.846km/h) HR165(172)
4km w/d

Looking like a good day for a time trial, although by the time I’d got down to Thruxton, a westerly wind was getting up. Whatever the weather, we were still hanging about in shirt-sleeves – in April! As usual for these club events, the allocation of numbers was a bit random and I got a start number close to the beginning of the event so I didn’t get much time to warm up.

It was very quick on the way out, although I was still not quite spinning out in 53×12 – the extra wheel creates its drag. I managed to keep things steady going to the turn, as I was aware I’d need to save a little for the struggle back against the wind. I was a bit rubbish around the two tiny roundabouts, and on the way back down the slip road I was aware that my handlebars were working a little loose – that’s always a bit of a worry with the Ergostem I’d fitted last night for a new, lower position – too many bolts to work loose over the road vibrations. I couldn’t yank on the bars quite as much as I’d like over the drags on the way back into the wind, but I kept it smooth and stopped the clock with a 52-second beating of the old club record. I’ll be loctiting those bolts before the trike gets its next outing.

Very pleased to have knocked off a first trike club record. The fast guys (Marky et al.) looked to be a minute or more off their best tonight – I’m hoping there’ll be more to come for me on the trike too.

Results sheet: p613_2009_0421_800