Trike 33km – Oxford City RC 10m TT

PM. Trike 33km inc. Oxford City RC ( 10 mile TT. course H10/17R

11km w/u
10 mile TT: 25:09 (38.394km/h) HR164(175)
6km w/d

A nice day for this, my club’s open 10-mile TT. It was a bit of a headwind on the long leg to the turn, but quick on the way back. I had my aero hat and the trike was sporting race wheels. I just missed the club record (25:06) by 3 seconds, although I don’t think I rode the trike through the bends as well as last time. My gears were playing up a bit too – I’d nipped a gear cable when I fitted the tribars and hadn’t bothered to check it properly. Anton Blackie was fastest – 21:50.

Howard Waller