Cycle 201km, Winchester and back

Cycle 201km/6h57 (28.9km/h), steady, HR 133(161) ascent 1422m

Oxford -> Winchester 92km 3:14 (28.5km/h).
7 min stop in Winchester for more water, lucozade and cereal bars.
Winchester -> Oxford 109km 3:43 (29.3km/h)

Took the day off and went out for a spin. I was thinking about doing slightly more, but I had to get back to catch the post office open to post my mum’s birthday present – she’s 87 on Thursday. Cold (7°C) when I left the house at 8am, but I boiled in the afternoon wearing the same kit. I was carrying a rain cape in the back pocket I’d usually dump my leg warmers etc., as showers were forecast, so I didn’t have anywhere to stash them and had to be content with just ditching my gloves to cool off. The showers never materialised, fortunately.

I thought I’d scoped out a route of 100km to Winchester a couple of weeks back, but I must’ve taken a short cut somewhere so I had to add a few meanders around Benson and Watlington on the way home to get me over the 200km mark. Made it to the Post Office OK ;-)