Maidenhead Easter 10

AM. Run 17km, inc. Maidenhead Easter 10m ( 66:17 chip time (6:38 min/mile) HR 168(178)

1km jog w/u
1M 6:22 HR155(168)
2M 6:32 HR165(168)
3M 6:28 HR165(169)
4M 6:47 HR168(171)
5M 6:41 HR169(172) 1st half: 32:50
6M 6:25 HR168(170)
7M 6:36 HR170(173)
8M 6:45 HR172(173)
9M 7:01 HR173(176)
10M 6:39 HR174(178) 2nd half: 33:26. (165th/1152)

Not having done much running lately, I was only setting my stall out for a steady tempo 10-miler. It was a nice cool day with the odd drop of light rain. Not so pleasant for the spectators (Jules had come out to cheer me on), but good for running in. I set out a bit too fast really, but the course was easy – only slightly uphill through miles 4, 8 and 9 – and I found a few good people to run with. There was a woman from Belgrave Harriers just in front of me the whole way round; she had a really relaxed running style that I was trying to emulate, I think it helped a bit to concentrate on being relaxed. Very happy with the result, only about 25 seconds slower than I was in January when I’d done quite a bit more running. I had no obvious twinges when I finished, just slightly stiff calves and sore feet from the lack of recent mileage to toughen them up. Plenty to build on.