Trike 33km inc. club 10m TT

PM. Trike 33km inc. Club 10mTT, Southmoor bypass (H10/17R (

12km w/u
10 miles: 25:28 (38.0km/h), HR 165(175)
5km w/d

Spent most of the day faffing about, thinking about this event. I’ve invested quite a bit of time and effort learning how to ride the trike, but up until today, I had no idea whether my plan to break club records ( on it would work out, or even whether I could actually ride the thing at race pace. Today was going to be quite momentous, cold or no cold.

I put some clip-on tribars on it and lowered the bars, adjusted the brakes a little and chucked it into the back of the car. I was still coughing well, and couldn’t face battling with the Oxford traffic just to get to the start of this TT. Once I’d signed on and collected my number and had a chat to the familiar faces gathering in the side road, I went for a short ride to get used to it and have a try-out of the tribar position. I seemed to be able to steer it OK on sections of road that didn’t have much camber, so I reasoned that I’d be OK on the mostly dual carriageway course.

Down to the start, and a last few nervous moments before the off, still sucking on a Locket to ease my sore throat. I had a bit of a chat to club mate Steve Avery, also on his trike. He’d got a trispoke on the front and disc covers at the back, but it was a bit windy and I don’t think I could’ve handled that. I wasn’t worried about the wind at all, I was more concerned with getting round the course in one piece. I wasn’t bothering with aero hat or anything else.

Then it was 3-2-1 go. I had a bit of wheel spin off the start (pesky single-wheel drive!), and was quickly up through the gears and into my stride. I got up to just over 50 km/h on the flattish run to the first roundabout and coped OK with it – it’s just straight through, but had some fun through the slight S-bends before the second one – the camber of the road seems to steer you right, but it’s too steep for the trike and I was actually desperately steering left to go around this right-hander. Hard work – the tribars don’t give you much leverage! I was rubbishly slow around the turn roundabout, and then working hard into the wind back to the finish. Coming through the first roundabout again I thought I might be close to the club record, but it was too much like hard work into the wind for the last mile and I finished only 22 seconds outside it. Steve managed a 26:49.

Did a little warm down and then rode back to the car, very pleased with the afternoon’s work. With a little more practice, no sore thoat, a faster course and some decent wheels and tyres (coming, when Geoff Booker’s sorted out some adaptors for the Mavic wheels,, I will clearly be knocking chunks off the club 10 record.