Cycle 71km inc. Danny’s Brill circuit

PM. Cycle 71km, brisk, HR137(167)  ascent 795m

To Worminghall 11.9km
Lap: 47.4km/1:34:15 (30.1km/h), HR 143(167) asc. 641m
From Worminghall 12.0km

Gmap of lap: Brilliant day for a ride, took the afternoon off and did a hard, semi-race effort around Danny Axford’s Brill hill circuit. First time I’ve nipped inside 1:35 on my training bike (mudguards etc.) on this circuit, it’s tough and there are plenty of hard climbs. Also first time this year I’ve been out cycling in shorts and armwarmers. Looks like the rest of the week will be pretty good too :-)