Erg 11km (C2 2500m and CTC 4x750m) + Blood donation & Magazine

Lunchtime. Erg 11km inc. C2 challenge 2500m and CTC 4x750m (1:30 rest). HR 141(171)

2½km w/u

2500m: 8:59.6 (1:47.9) r27, HR157(166)
500m splits:
1:48.0 r26
1:48.3 r27
1:48.2 r27
1:48.2 r26
1:46.9 r29

1km paddle

4 x 750m (1:30 rest): total 10:33.1
2:39.5 (1:46.3) r28
2:39.0 (1:46.0) r29
2:38.6 (1:45.7) r29
2:36.0 (1:44.0) r32 – average 1:45.5, HR max 171

1½km w/d

Thought my current 5km pace (1:48.5) would be about right for the 2.5km test – should leave me plenty in the bank for the 4x750m straight after. I ended up doing it a tad quicker than that, but quite a bit slower than the 8:46 I managed in Basingstoke last April. Still had enough left to negative-split the 4x750m. Taken as a single session, this is quite a nice, varied workout. Speed endurance to start with, sprints to finish.

Blood donation & Magazine
I’m giving blood after work, followed by going to the Zodiac later to see the re-formed Magazine ( who now seem to be calling themselves “Howard Devoto and Magazine”. This their warm-up gig for the later tour. I’m not a huge fan of the music (although “Shot by both sides” is a punk classic), but it should be a good event – all the local muso faces will be there. It’s also a chance for me to be in the same room as someone else called Howard – doesn’t happen often ;-)