Watford ½ marathon

AM. Run 22½km inc. Watford ½ marathon 1:27:52

13.1 miles/1:27:52 (6:42 min/mile) HR 166(174)

A chilly start for today’s ½ marathon, although not as cold as last month’s 10-miler. It’s the biggest race I’ve ever run in – there were even two starts, one for vets and women, one for senior men. I managed a cursory warm up and then found a little shelter before lining up for the start. I took it pretty steady – race plan was for 12:50 at 2 miles, but I actually passed that mark after about 13:10. I managed to record splits of 44:07 and 43:45. That’s the first time I’ve recorded negative splits in a race, although it was a bit artificial due to the hills – the halfway point was at the top of a particularly long drag. I found the downhills almost more taxing than the uphills – I don’t run well downhill, something I’d better work on. The last couple of miles started to drag but I had company from one guy that I’d lined up at the start next to – we’d run virtualy the entire race stride-for-stride. Once we were back into Cassiobury Park there was plenty of support and that lifted us for the last few hundred yards. A few snowflakes were falling as I jogged back to the HQ.

Route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2530623
Results here http://www.sportsystems.net/watford/Downloads/ResultWatfordHM09All.pdf

Quite pleased with the result, and my dodgy hamstring wasn’t too bad either. Next month I’m hoping to increase my cycling mileage and lose a bit of weight, ready for the coming race season. Next target is the Milton Keynes ½ marathon.