Run 16km & a rear mech wrinkle

PM. Run 16km/1:16 steady, HR 145(153)

Dragged myself out for a run after work. Not my best, the back of my right thigh is still sore, although it’s getting better and tonight’s run was OK on it. Very sluggish though.

Last night I found out why the gears have been playing up on my training bike lately. On closer inspection the cable adjuster (circled in the picture below) has sheared off, or corroded though. I’ve had the same thing happen a couple of times before on Campagnolo rear mechs – it’s a weak point. The adjuster is made of some material or other that eventually corrodes itself in place, at the same time as becoming weaker. It snaps off and then leaves the rest of the adjuster stuck inside the mech, and everything held together by the tension spring. Not a major hassle really, it means I’ve just lost the micro-adjustment of the gear cable. Shame really, the rest of the mech is still in good order – not too much play in the jockey wheel cage yet. I re-set the cable tension, and everything was hunky dory. Shimano mechs don’t suffer quite the same problem – on them, I’ve found that the adjuster just locks solid with corrosion over time, without snapping.