Gloucester New Year 10

Run 18½km, inc. Gloucester 10 mile road race (

1km w/u
10 miles: 65:55 (6:35 min/mile), HR 169(175)
1.5km w/d

[EDIT: final result 65:53, 50th out of 356 finishers]

It was a very cold night in Oxfordshire, touched -9C at Benson and -5.4C on our outside thermometer, so it was a chilly morning’s drive to Gloucestershire for this country lane 10-miler. As is usual for me, we arrived with plenty of time to spare before the start, although there was an ever-lengthening queue for entries-on-the-day in the sports hall HQ so we settled down with a cup of tea. People were still filing into the sports centre, or queuing for the loo as the provisional start time of 10:30 passed by, and a new start time of 11am was announced. I think the problem was that their entry nearly doubled from last year’s 350. Maybe next year they’ll have pre-entry only.

Eventually we got the call to assemble out on the road for the start. I went for a bit of a jog to loosen up and try to get some warmth into my legs. I was wearing a pair of thin-ish tights, a helly top and a cotton vest on top of that, as well as a pair of gloves. The most I’ve ever worn for a race, and it proved to be only just enough.

I was determined not to set off too fast, and managed a steadyish first mile in around 6:20. I quickly settled into my planned 6:30-6:40 race pace (I was thinking a 65-minute time would be about right), and after about 3 miles I was pretty much on my own. A few runners passed me towards the middle of the race, but I think I paced it about right ( I got to halfway in about 32:30). There was very little flat on the course, but it wasn’t exactly hilly either.

Satisfied with the result, I caught up with Jules as I jogged back to the HQ. I expect I’ll find out the official results in a day or so.

On the way back we stopped off in Cheltenham for a snack – managed to find a really good non-chain cafe, just off the beaten track. Stopped for a browse around the shops, and picked up a couple of plates and bowls  in Habitat but couldn’t find much we wanted to buy in the sales. Tired when I got home, but told I Jules she had to get on the turbo for a spin before I’d cook dinner (like a good coach does ;-) ).