Cycle 93km & Young Knives

AM. Cycle 93km (27.5km/h), brisk. HR 140(169) ascent ~850m

Out early to lead the OCRC club run to Stokenchurch/Benson. I got to meet the legendary Flavio Zappi! (There’s a good little interview with him here, written by another local rider, Tejvan Pettinger)

Another nice mild day, and although it was quite breezy, we missed most of the headwind by being in the hills when we might otherwise have faced it. Claire turned off at Stokenchurch, she’d had a bit of a cold. Steve went with her. At the start of the next climb, Chris had a puncture and while we stopped Flavio had worked out that his gear cable had broken and he only had 39×12 and 53×12 to turn. He set off up the climb, and we just failed to catch him at the top. There was a rapid descent to Ewelme and shortly after that Chris, Flavio and A.N.Other turned off for home leaving four of us to stop at the Riverside cafe for a coffee and a cake (a Nigella christmas star). I led the four of us back into Oxford.


Went to see Young Knives at the Zodiac later. Three support acts: Hreda, Justin & the Troubadours, Pete & The Pirates. Enjoyed Hreda – two guitars and a drummer, no songs, just good technical playing. Nice sounds, might listen to a few downloads, see what more of their stuff is like. Justin et al. were a bit random, too many people on stage not doing much really. Pete and the Pirates were excellent. Good songs, in a quirky indie-pop sort of way. I could see more of that! Young Knives played well, although I think they went a bit over the top with the whole live enthusiasm thing and could’ve pegged it back a  notch to get a better sound. Still pretty cool though.