Run 7km, weights & “Hunger”

Lunchtime. Run 7km/32, steady easy HR146(156)

Got up early enough to go for a swim. Didn’t fancy it though, and went out for a lunchtime jog instead. I took it easy and wore a neoprene thing on my right knee, see if it makes any difference to the hamstring there. If nothing else, it made me conscious of the injury and sure to take it easy.

PM. Weights 1h10

4min erg w/u, then: 5×16 lat pulldown; 5×14 bench press; 5×16 (60kg) Smith (leg) press; 5×12 rotator cuff pulleys; 5 sets abdominal exercises

Nipped down the road straight afterwards to watch “Hunger” at the Ultimate Picture Palace, the new film about the IRA hunger strikers at the Maze in the 1980s. Quite harrowing in places and I flinched a few times as the prisoners took their beatings. The lead actor, playing Bobby Sands, got ludicrously thin, and clearly hadn’t faked the weight loss! If I had one criticism, it went straight from Bobby Sands discussing the start of the hunger strike with a priest (a superb – and it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck – +10-minute single take;  they start with accents so thick you can hardly make out what’s being discussed, and by the end you’re tuned-in and hanging on every word), and then suddenly being in intensive care. You never saw the initial refusal of food or the gradual deterioration, which might have set the scene a bit better, but I guess they had to pace the film right and skip that. The “dirty protest” was well filmed through the eyes of a young initiate. There was a small amount of politicisation, but perhaps since this was a political hunger strike, the point could’ve been better made. A very good film.